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Lets encourage innovations and create a path for creative thinking by leveraging talent pool of inventors, university scholars, experts from law firms and companies across the globe.

True Patents has been founded out of our firm belief that innovation can put an organization on a accelerated path to propogate stakeholder's interests. We strive to assist innovators to focus on innovation and help them realize the potential of their innovation which in turn will encourage inventions and development. At the same time, True Patents is committed to protect public rights, catch patent trolls and make a just society.

The Founding team is assisted by a mix of highly credentialed and experienced Professionals, Intellectuals and Academicians from diverse backgrounds - Science & Technology, Engineering, Law, Medical and Business Administration, etc. These members have successful track records and they are undisputed leaders in their own respective fields.

True Patents provides Litigation Support, Patent Prosecution Support, Licensing Support, Technology Transfer Consulting, Patent Portfolio Management and other IP related services with the help of stakeholders in leading Universities, Scholars, experts from law firms, attorneys, inventors, companies and intellectual property owners in US, India, Canada, Taiwan, Sweden, Japan and many more countries.